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Northstone Studios

Situated within the Court Colman Manor Hotel, Northstone Studios is a modern - vintage residential studio with beautiful countryside surroundings and relaxing environment. The 250 year old Victorian building arms itself with 22” thick sandstone walls, dense slate flooring and heavily soundproofed ceilings.

Internally modernised for classic and modern acoustics requirments, the building is made up of 3 rooms.

*The studio runs Pro Tools 12 HD, Cubase 8.5 and FL Studio 11/12

Microphones ranges are:Neumann, Rupert Neve, Aston, Shure, Sennheisers and SE

*The control room is acoustically treated and tested to give the best possible sound within the building. It is both cosmetically beautiful and specious with a customised console desk designed by Jayce Lewis.

*The console is armed with a wide range of vintage and modern AMS Neve, Rupert Neve Shelfords Pre's/EQ's, Portico series Pre’s/EQ’s, Neve Tape Emulation Units, API's and our proud set of highly rare Rosser Pre amps/EQ's as used on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Oasis, Coldplay, Rush, Blacksabbath, Motorhead and more... all this together with our modified Neve Summing mixer set up, and modified SLL G Series compressor.

*Live room 1/Hall Room is a spacious mid ceiling, long room… used for guitar cab mic’n, Piano, string and Vocals

*Our 2nd live room/Drum room is blessed with the high solid walls and a spacious high pitched ceiling to encompass the acoustics of any natural instrument, renovated and designed by musicians for musicians.

*We also have 2 huge rooms situated within the Manor Hotel - The Ball Room and The Garden Room. Both provide an enormous spacious natural reverb for orchestral, choir or anything that requires a large room sound.

Northstone Studios
Court Colman Manor
Mid Glamorgan
CF31 4NG

Telephone: (+44) (0)1656 502026

Northstone Studios