Northstone Studios - online mastering

Online mixing is a new production method used today in the modern music business.

Through the internet, you can now have access to a professional mix engineer who can take your music to next level. Bringing separation, saturation, clarity and balance to your music. Northstone Studios prides itself on a high level, professional mixing through our Pro Tools HD software, Neve Summing, Neve Tape Units, Universal Audio, TK Audio and SSL Compression setup.

Our small team of producers/mix engieers have a collective production and mixing experiance of over 25 years and have worked on Grammy nominated, platinum and multi-platinum selling records.

Using the internet, you can simply upload files and benefit from our crystal clear mixes for your approval. You are no longer limited by geographic limitations determining where you work and who with. Online mixing with Northstone takes advantage of high quality, creative mixes at a reasonable price.

**NOTE** ensure your production has a decent source recording - we always advise on how best to achieve this to help the mixing process save time and cost for you.

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