Owner/Musician/Producer/Mixer - Jayce Lewis

Northstone Studios - Jayce Lewis

Jayce Lewis, owner of Northstone Studios, a multi-Instrumentalist, known mostly for his mainstream success in late 2009, his Asian hit single 'Icon' and top ten charting self titled debut album 'Jayce Lewis' later, released globally via EMI Music in early 2010 was part of the meteoric rise subject, to a rarely commisioned BBC 1 music documentary titled ‘Big In India’. Broadcast twice in March and May 2010 the documentary covered the personal life of the Welshman touring the world and documenting his eastern success.

Signing a handfull of major label contracts with the likes of: EMI, Warner ADA and Universal Music Group, together holding an impressive long list of endorsements/commercial partners with Laney Amplifiers, Tama Drums, Ibanez, Paiste, FL Studio, Synchro Arts, Steinberg, Korg, Rupert Neve Design, AMS Neve and Munro Sonic Speakers Jayce is also a proud panel developer with Aston Microphones.

Jayce turned what most would deem a ‘Ruin’ to a habitable building, Taking on the task to fully renovate, a derelict and un-habitable building and transform it to a prestigious, modern.. yet vintage enviroment to record any style of music.

With a background in engineering/design and a devout passion for production, Northstone Studios was brought to life with ambitious planning, and detailed vision... renovating each room to a unique character within the 250 year old building.

Jayce's detail and style within production, has now brought a sought after sound and quality which is renowned to Northstone Studios natural ambience, with his enginnering production and mixes being clear, detailed and punchy.... while retaining warmth, width and rounded depth, a unique production style compared audibly, and rated and compared to the likes of RedOne, Joe Barresi, Rick Rubin, Tue Madsen and many, many others

Credits: Rammstein, Gary Numan, Fear Factory, Roger Taylor, Brian May, Darth Vader, Prof Richard Dawkins, FL Studio, Holding Absence, Ascension of The Watchers, Acid Reign, Visage, Exploring Birdsong, Lance Henriksen, Mattias IA Eklundh.

Abraham Fihema - Musician/Producer/Mixer

Northstone Studios - Abraham Fihema

Abraham Fihema is our versitile in-house producer/mixer here at Northstone Studios, respected for his entry success of Holding Absence 'Like a shadow', Abraham is renowned for his soundscape and ambient experiemts to all walks of production

Credits: Holding Absence, Exploring Birdsong, Ascension of The Watchers, James and The Cold Gun.

Tue Madsen - Musician/Producer

Northstone Studios - Tue Madsen

Tue Madsen, a highly respected Danish music producer throughout the world, mostly known within the metal/alternative genre and has produced bands such as Baby Metal, Meshuggah, The Haunted, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Ektomorf, Cataract, and Sick of It all.

Renowned for his lively drum sound, thunderous guitar production and incredible mix, Madsen is a creative, and well rounded producer/engineer and a welcomed member to the Northstone Studios family.

Credits: Baby Metal, Meshuggah, The Haunted, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Ektomorf, Cataract, Sick of It all