Northstone Studios - online mastering

Online mastering at Northstone Studios will ensure your music sounds the best it possibly can, with specific detail to style and levels.

You will receive the same high quality work as if you were attending a studio session and receive audio files for approval. New clients receive a free preview master of one song,

We use the finest analogue and digital emulation mastering tools available, and utilise our 30+ years of expertise, finely tuned hearing and knowledge in making your music sound polished, and professional.

Our studio is fully acoustically treated with a custom tailored eq sweep in our room for a neutral listening environment letting us make the best judgements for your music.

Send your track using using our email address: Please enter your details in the message box.

When you prepare for mastering please ensure that the mix you have made is the very best you can do we require 24 bit, no limiter, no clipping with plenty of headroom

1 Track: £49     4 Track EP: £190     Album: £385

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